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Allegheny Bradford Corporation

The ABC Group of businesses is comprised of Allegheny Bradford Corporation, ABC Actini, and Allegheny Surface Technology. All of our organizations are leaders in their respective industries and support the ABC commitment to consistently provide high quality process solutions that allow our customers to excel in a competitive global marketplace.

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Allegheny Bradford

ABC provides the highest quality stainless steel heat transfer components, filter housing, tanks, vessels, and modular process systems for various industries including pharmaceutical, industrial, food and beverage.

ABC Actini

ABC Actini is a joint venture formed by Allegheny Bradford Corporation and Actini SA of Evian, France. ABC Actini LLC manufactures and markets effluent decontamination systems in North America.

Allegheny Surface Technology

AST is a leader in metal surface finishing. For decades, Allegheny Surface Technology has been providing customers with high quality service in electropolishing, pickling, passivation, and mechanical polishing.

Why ABC?


Since 1962 Allegheny Bradford Corporation has evolved from a “Dairy Equipment Provider” in the Midwestern US to a global organization providing stainless steel products and solutions throughout the world.

Quality Control

ABC is the unsurpassed leader in Quality Control and Documentation. Our Quality Programs insure your projects are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. ABC has set the standard delivering the most comprehensive and innovative Documentation Packages in our industry.


Our team will work with you to create the most effective and efficient solutions for your specific needs. At ABC, our staff will focus on your specifications, budget, and delivery expectations maintaining clear visibility throughout the process.

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